Lee E. Hassig— Editor, Writer, Translator (German to English)

Cybrations, LLC

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Freelance Writer, Editor, Translator—2000 - Present



Responsibilities similar to those of Group Editor (below), but broader in scope. Title change resulted from a company-wide reorganization that disbanded editorial/marketing groups formed around each of our book markets.


·         Continued to oversee the remake of HOME REPAIR AND IMPROVEMENT, a series that in the fall of 1999 tallied its one-millionth new subscriber. After delegating day-to-day responsibility for HOME REPAIR to a colleague, guided a packager in the remake of FIX IT YOURSELF, another Time-Life how-to series. Most recently edited A MAN ON THE MOON, Time-Life's illustrated, three-volume boxed set commemorating the 30th anniversary of the first landing on the moon and began development of a health-oriented product as a joint venture with a well-known healthy living company.


Group Editor, DIY (Do-It-Yourself)—1996-1998

·         Sets editorial standards for book packagers preparing DIY editorial materials under contract.

·         Remodels book series for reissue.

·         Plans ways to turn previously published material into new products.

·         Guides development of editorial materials for market testing new products.

·         Coordinates with marketing group to assure a good fit between the books that we publish and the advertising that sells them.

·         Collaborates in joint ventures between direct mail and retail divisions.


Has served in this capacity on several projects, of which the remake of HOME REPAIR AND IMPROVEMENT is the most prominent, having exceeded its five-year projections 18 months after launch.


Series Editor (responsibilities similar to those of the editor of a magazine)—1987-1996

·         Accountable for an annual editorial budget of $2 million.

·         Coordinates a staff of 24 researcher-writers, editors, art directors, artists, and administrative staff supplemented by freelancers.

·         Guides teams of these individuals in the production of eight liberally illustrated, authoritative books each year.

·         Sets administrative policy and editorial standards for the series.


Has served as series editor on:

HOME REPAIR AND IMPROVEMENT II: Credited with reducing editorial costs 45 per cent on this remake of Time-Life's most profitable series.

THE PRACTICAL GUIDE TO PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING, an encyclopedia of common-sense tips for solving everyday problems.

THE NEW FACE OF WAR: Founding editor of this series. Guided the development of the blueprint for the series and its subsequent implementation.

UNDERSTANDING COMPUTERS: Assumed editorship of this series about the history, technology, and applications of computers.


Editorial Director, New Product Development—1991

·         Responsible for developing new book products in the areas of do-it-yourself, cooking, and science. Undertook initial work to republish the book series HOME REPAIR AND IMPROVEMENT

·         Guided early stages of JOURNEY THROUGH THE MIND AND BODY, a medical science series.

·         Oversaw work by a British publisher on MINDPOWER, a psychological self-improvement series.

·         Searched abroad for material from other houses suitable for Time-Life to publish as continuity series.

·         Worked closely with marketing staff to plan and formulate focus panels and other forms of market research.